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Terra Urban Monthly Digest

Here is your quick snapshot of all activities on Terraurban for the month of October!!!
You can also download a pdf version of the same through the following link:Terraurban- oct digest

Terraurban- oct digest1 copy

Terraurban- oct digest2 copy

Terraurban- oct digest3 copy

Terraurban- oct digest4 copy


Terraurban- Monthly Digest

Catch all the action at Terraurban in the last month below or save a pdf from the following link: Terraurban- Sep digest

Terraurban- Sep digest1 copy

Terraurban- Sep digest2 copy

Terraurban- Sep digest3 copy

Terra urban monthly digest -May 2014


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April – Monthly Digest

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TerraUrban Monthly Digest – March

Lok Sabha Elections are on its way and Citizens of India are to express one of the most significant of their right – The right to vote. Electoral democracy of Urban India should aim towards an inclusive urban society and much attention needs to be given in the ‘political agenda(s)’ towards the same. Catch various activities in the month of March on Terraurban – doing ‘it’s bit’ in raising the ‘Voice’ for Urban Issues. Click here to download pdf:   Terra urban-monthly digest mar 2014    Or see below

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TerraUrban – February Digest

For all the ardent readers, here is a quick look on the month gone by at the Terra Urban domain! Have a look below or download the digest by clicking here: Terra urban-monthly digest feb 2014