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Join URB.im’s discussion on “Adversity and Urban Planning: Designing Safer, more Resilient Cities”

Join the ongoing discussion by URB.im on “Adversity and Urban Planning: Designing Safer, more Resilient Cities,” which is being hosted in partnership with UN-Habitat and the Ford Foundation in anticipation of the World Urban Forum 7 in April.

You are invited to read the articles and share your own ideas in the comments (http://urb.im/c140325/) which shall be of great
value to the global network of urban planners and thinkers.

URB.im (http://urb.im/), the global online network “for just and inclusive cities,” connects practitioners, urban planners, and policymakers in the Global South to scale working solutions to the problem of urban poverty. An initiative of the Ford Foundation, it is managed by San Francisco-based Dallant Networks and currently covers eighteen cities.


“Resilient Cities- Experiences from ACCCRN in Asia and Beyond”

The theme of cities and climate change is gaining momentum all over the world as the cities
increasingly start experiencing the impacts of climate variability and change. In Asia, The Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network – A 7 year duration initiative was conceived and launched by the Rockefeller Foundation in 2008. ACCCRN aims to catalyse
attention, funding, and action on building climate change resilience for poor and vulnerable people in cities by creating robust models and methodologies for assessing and addressing risk through active engagement and analysis of 10 cities in Asia. The initiative has supported cities to assess their climate risks and vulnerabilities and develop their resilience strategies. Till date ACCCRN has supported and funded 23 city projects across 10 cities in 4 Asian countries (India, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam) amounting to about 9.4 Million US $. The city projects address multiple sectors and include interventions for floods/drainage, disaster risk reduction, water resource, housing and health. The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) was appointed as the National Policy Adviser to ACCCRN in India in the year 2009.

With an objective of bringing together the knowledge and experience generated through the ACCCRN initiative and to explore synergies with similar other initiatives, TERI and Rockefeller Foundation is organizing an International Workshop on “Resilient Cities- Experiences from ACCCRN in Asia and Beyond” under the aegis of the Delhi Sustainable Development Summit (DSDS)-TERI’s flagship international annual event wherein TERI engages global partners to build bold visions for a development paradigm that calls for sustainability across the present and future generations.


Catch the workshop at

 29 January, 2013 Jacaranda, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi, India