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Courses on Urban Planning and Governance – PRIA

Established in 2005, PRIA International Academy, an initiative in education and lifelong learning is the academic wing of PRIA, conducts educational programmes of human and social development. Courses are designed for mid career development professionals who want to build their knowledge; adult learners who have an interest in development issues; and fresh graduates searching for a career in the development sector.

Each of the courses offer:

  • Cutting edge theory
  • Practical insights
  • Field-based experiences
  • Global perspectives

The Academy is offering 3 courses in April 2014 namely:

Appreciation Programmes (10 weeks duration)

Participatory Integrated District Planning in Local Government

IDP: http://www.pria.org/academy/index.php/educational-programmes/appreciation-courses/integrated-district-planning

Participatory Social Audit: A Tool for Social Accountability

Social Audit: http://www.pria.org/academy/index.php/educational-programmes/appreciation-courses/social-audit

Certificate Programmes (6 months duration)

International Perspectives in Citizenship, Democracy and Accountability

IPCDA: http://www.pria.org/academy/index.php/educational-programmes/certificate-courses/international-perspectives-in-citizenship-democracy-and-accountability

Registration closes on 23rd April, Enroll Now!!!



Knowledge is power – Certificate Courses at PRIA

PRIA International Academy of Lifelong Learning (PIALL) is the academic wing within PRIA conducting educational programmes of human and social development. The primary clientele for PIALL courses is from the development sector—mid-career professionals; practitioners with strong field experience and informal learning; adult learners who want to develop an academic base to complement practical experience; young professionals wanting upward mobility within an organisation.

PIALL is at present offering 6-month duration online Certificate Courses on the following subjects:

  • International Perspectives in Participatory Research (in joint certification with University of Victoria, Canada)
  • International Perspectives in Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation (in joint certification with University of Victoria, Canada)
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Understanding Gender in Society
  • Participatory Training Methods
  • Local Self Governance
  • Social Accountability
  • NGO Management (Basic)
  • Urban Poverty

The certificate courses are self-learning courses which are facilitated by an instructor who is accessible to the student for any advice or issues.

For more details about these courses access: http://www.pria.org/about-pria/our-divisions/piall/piall-distance-learning-courses/overview-current-course-offers/certificate-courses

The last date for applying for these courses is April 2013 and the courses are envisioned to be completed by October 2013. Apply Quick!