Forum of Informal Urban Poor Workers

Forum of Informal Urban Poor Workers (FIUPW) works to raise voice of all the people associated to urban unorganized sectors. It is a group of numerous associations and federations working collectively and cooperatively on the society’s neglected section that is unorganized sectors and informal settlements. Currently there are twenty five groups associated to FIUPW. FIUPW will contribute to address the following questions:

  • What are the various problems faced by the unorganized sectors?
  • What are the Main loopholes between policy framework their implementation and monitoring.
  • What are the government’s take on the matter?
  • How can implanting social security concerns into informal settlers effectively respond to address poverty?

Vision of FIUPW

Work together towards better future for urban unorganized sector

Mission of FIUPW

  • To provide constitutional equality to lower strata of urban section
  • To provide social security to unorganized sector workers.

Objectives of FIUPW

  • To provide common platform to associations and federations working for urban poor
  • To find out present status and contribution of unorganized sector to city’s GDP
  • To gather all possible information (schemes, services, policies and benefits) related to unorganized sector
  • To produce manifesto for upcoming elections
  • To build strong FIUPW network with the different states.
  • To identify common agendas and work on it
  • To develop advocacy tools

 Trace the initiatives by FIUPW (Click here)


One thought on “Forum of Informal Urban Poor Workers

  1. obrbihar May 4, 2017 at 5:51 am Reply

    I want to subscribe as we are working with urban poor. Our mail Id is

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