Citizen Feedback Surveys using SLB Connect, an Innovative Mobile Phone Based System

PRIA is undertaking the SLB Connect project to help improve water and sanitation services in cities by mobilizing citizen participation and feedback. The survey seeks to collect information on the quality of water and sanitation services as experienced by citizens as users of the services. PRIA brings to SLB Connect its conviction in social accountability and draws from its years of experience as an enabler of participatory democracy.

In doing so, PRIA is training and engaging with grassroots organizations and local (youth) citizens in the selected cities to both conduct and manage the survey. The results will be shared with citizen groups, civil societies, thought leaders and opinion makers including members of the academia and the media, NGOs operating in the area, government officials at the city, state and national level.

SLB Connect is an initiative by Water and Sanitation Program (WSP). It is a technology-enabled; multi-city; door-to-door household survey.  The initiative is being launched in Jhunjhunu and Ajmer in Rajasthan; Bhopal and Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh; and Varanasi and Rae Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh.

Data collection and analysis use Information and Communication technology tools to reduce the chance of human error and improve efficiency. Surveyors are handed smart phones which are pre-loaded with the SLB Connect app developed by WSP. This app has the survey form. It additionally records the GPS position of where the questionnaire has been filled in. The data (survey response, GPS position of the surveyor during the time of the survey, time of survey submission) is fed into a web-based dashboard in real time for analysis.


One thought on “Citizen Feedback Surveys using SLB Connect, an Innovative Mobile Phone Based System

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