When ‘City’ becomes ‘Slum’

by Prakash Pathak, PRIA

We all are talking about Slum free City/India. But are we really serious to achieve this dream in our reality, in our own cities? I don’t think so. May be I’m wrong but last day very harsh statement given by Patna High Court on the status of Patna Capital “There is two type of Town; VVIP Area with all amenities and facilities and Public area as Dustbins” also stated that “Capital look likes as a Slum. Outsider doesn’t want to come here (for business, tourism)”. This reveals that the dream to see slum free India is still beyond our reach.

When Governments talk about utopian ideas such as slum free cities and equitable development, all these visions appear to me like unachievable and unrealistic dreams, very similar to “Mungeri Lal ke Haseen Sapne”.

If these utopian visions are like dreams, then what is the reality?

Reality is that healthy cities are turning into slums primarily due to poor service implementation by civic bodies. To this process the Government, sadly sits as a silent spectator. Patna is no different than this reality!

In Patna, it’s not just the ‘poor’ who are residing in the slums. Even the rich and middle class find an abode there. (See the picture below). When Capital Patna is in such a horrific situation then how will be the scenarios of civic amenities in other cities of Bihar like Muzaffarpur, Vaishali, Bhagalpur, Gaya, Darbhanga?

We all have to change this situation with the help (cumulative effort) of Government, Civic Bodies, RWAs, Locals, NGOs, CSOs, Corporates and Businessman in order to achieve the Slum Free India.
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