Current practicality, future idealism

Source: Gautam Bhatia, The Hindu

Computer managed smart cities comparable to anything in the West sound too good to be true. However, if the new package fails to carry with it the larger cast of the urban dispossessed, and the millions of rural poor who continue to become the urban dispossessed, the future will see more daily battles over resources

Look outside your window in any direction and you will immediately be aware of the degraded life and ramshackle condition of the Indian city: buildings encroach on public land, telephone lines are dug, rubble is piled in the fast lane, cars are parked on sidewalks while people walk on roads, broken unfinished housing appears on the sightline, tenements lean against boundary walls … you will sense the unbridgeable gap between people’s needs and civic reality. In numbers, transport, housing, commerce, aesthetics, what people want and what the city offers are opposing, often unmanageable compromises.

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