Ragpickers to get voter ID cards

Source: Asian Age, http://wwv.asianage.com/delhi/ragpickers-get-voter-id-cards-131

The Delhi Electoral Office has come up with a new scheme to enrol ragpickers into the voters list. The ragpickers will now have voter identity cards to exercise their franchise.

An electoral official on Saturday said that in the first round of its scheme, the electoral office has successfully enrolled 1,500 ragpickers.

“We are committed to ensure that marginalised sections of the society like the homeless, ragpickers, transgenders and sex workers are included in electoral rolls,” said the electoral official.nCamps are being organised in the national capital from June 12 to July 11 to enroll ragpickers in all the 70 Assembly constituencies.

The electoral office has been taking the help of an NGO to prepare a list of ragpickers in each constituency of the capital.

Prakash Kuamr, president of NGO Sajag Society, said that the enrolment process is more intense in areas where the concentration of ragpickers are more.Mr Prakash said that his NGO had almost covered more than eight constituencies in the capital.

A total of 8,000 homeless people were enrolled in the voters list during the last Lok Sabha elections in Delhi.

“We face a lot of difficulties during the verification of the ragpickers who do not have a permanent address. But if we find such people more than three times at the same place, we mention it as their permanent address,” Kumar added.


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