YES…… Urban Poor Matter!

by Deepika Pandey, PRIA

Urban non-poor inhabiting in apartments and colonies create Resident welfare associations or housing cooperative societies for the proper operation and maintenance of their colonies and to ensure the basic services in their inhabiting dwelling unit’s. As PRIA, is conducting studies to discover out the linkage between RWA’s and the CBO’s existing at slum level to bridge the gap between them and search out how they can work in collaboration. In this regard PRIA Raipur team visited one of the Housing Board based welfare development committee existing in Saddu, Raipur. This is a colony developed by Saddu Housing board. This is the very first of its kind that a welfare development committee acknowledged that urban poor are very essential for them. Yes the Urban Poor matters……

The president of this association shared his thoughts that urban poor have a great impact in their life.  They not only help them in their daily life but also make their life convenient. In his perspective urban poor is actually a regiment with lots of talent. He said that nearby his colony a slum was shifted comprising carpenter, caterer, cooks, servicer, barber, cobblers, mechanics, fitters, scavengers, plumbers, Rag pickers and sweepers. It is a complete destination for all complete solution of our needs problems and constraints regarding the civic amenities.  As slums are keys of all of our problems; but due to the lack of access and rapport with these slum dwellers we are unable to access them. He said that he wanted to pool these human resources which will not only help them but also help to the slum dwellers for their livelihood generation. In regard to develop collaboration with them he said that they can publish the list of slum dwellers with their contact number of the nearby slum comprising the name of all the members inhabiting in the slum with different skills in the magazine “Hamari Ekta” published every year by them to highlight the whole activities and program happening in their colony. He also said that they want to motivate the slum dwellers to organize all camps and programs in their slums which they are organizing in their own colony. It clearly shows a rare example of how the urban non-poor’s are valuing urban poor and their importance in the city. 


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