Non Poor Unites For the Poor – Indore Initiative

by Dr. Suman Bhanoo

Youth power is the greatest wealth and strength of any nation. The quality of its young generation determines the future of nation. To ensure prosperous future of country there is a need to unite, strengthen and empower youngsters. In every major change in society, there is direct involvement of youth either we speak about recent Anna movement or the movement that gained mass momentum after the Nirbhaya incident. In this direction similar step has been taken in Indore city where around forty members of mixed groups comprising youth from informal settlements, MSW students and volunteers have been united to form non poor groups. Youths from informal settlements are mostly engaged in daily wage jobs, rag picking and junk dealing. These groups have been continuously struggling for the informal settlers’ rights.

Deeb Bandhu Samaj Sahyoj (DBSS) organization’s Prof Anand is facilitating the whole process and providing support to these youngsters. These groups are engaged in street plays, community mapping, community meetings and scientific temperament programmes. Describing the journey of this group Prof. Anand has stated, “For last seven years without any big financial support group is working for the rights of urban marginalized section. Motivation to dissolve class difference and bring equality in society was the driving force. Due to financial constrains group had faced many hurdles during all these years and after prolonged struggle they have established themselves. Now these groups are the most talked group of Indore city”. Integrated non-poor group have been divided into seven sub groups to get concrete results.

S.No. Non Poor Group Functions


RTI Group


RTI group files RTI’s on all the social issues though some of them are not relevant now but they can be supportive in near future. This group also supports the youth groups of community in filling RTIs. Till now group has filed  RTI’s on RAY, BRTS, RTO office on transportation act, on violence against women, atrocities cases, for Ashray Nidhi Shulk of 15% land reservation provision (In DUDA), for the job card details of MNREGA etc
Cultural Group Cultural group Chingari conducts street-plays, puppet shows, revolutionary & progressive songs. Chingari group had played a crucial role in assembly and parliament election and performed 30 shows on 3 different scripts. BeforeLok Sabha elections it had performed street play in 10 different communities of Indore.
Study Group Study group conducts studies on relevant social issues like; public transportation, water & sanitation, housing, solid waste management, health and education. It also publishes periodic newsletters on these issues.
RTE Group RTE group conducts awareness camp in informal settlements and labour adda’s for the enrolment of their children in schools
Community Organization Group This group is continuously working to bridge the gap between local community forums to establish the mutual dialogue and interaction with development agencies and civil society groups. Group regularly organises public communication activities between the informal settlers and urban youth and has builtconsiderable rapport and mutual confidence with slum forums.


Advocacy and Lobbying Group This group builds up linkages with NGOs, civil societies, policy makers and planners for the rights and interests of urban poor.


Media Advocacy Group Mediagroup has collaborated with Times of India on women toilet issues, adequate housing issues, street play in favor of NOTA during assembly election, charter of demand & street play during parliament election.

npFormation of non-poor group is a humble attempt to bridge the gap between the haves and the have-nots. These young groups are working diligently for the better society. All we need is to direct the energy of youngsters in constructive channels that leads to development and progress of nation.



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