We are putting the slums on the map

Those who are active on the social networks often like to ‘Check In’ to the places they visit using GPS on their smart phones in order to flaunt their hang outs. Some people also find it fascinating to mark their homes on the Google Earth.

Such privileges are not available to those whose place of dwelling doesn’t even exist on the map.  People of JJ Cluster Bandhu Camp at B-5 Vasant Kunj are changing this reality with the help of PRIA and its partner organization Jhuggi Jhopri Ekta Manch.

A team from PRIA visited the slum cluster recently to involve the community in the GPS mapping of their slum. A  team of SIC (Slum Improvement Committee) and volunteers have been formed who would lead this initiative which would put the slum on Google Earth along with records such as how many families live there, what is the total population, how many toilets are there, how many families have ration card, voter ID card, Smart Card etc.

A temple at JJ Cluster Bandhu Camp at B-5 Vasant Kunj

The initiative is a part of PRIA’s ‘Strengthening voices of civil society on urban poverty issues’ project which is running in several other cities across the country. The main objectives behind the initiative is to make the slums and its people visible, to collect and archive data about the slum, so that in case of any accidents or calamities the inhabitants are able to access the Government’s rescue and rehabilitation schemes without any hindrance. The community itself is being involved in the initiative so that they have a sense of ownership and belonging, they would learn to use the GPS device and would have an identity related to the place they live.

A community member reading about GPS device and how it work

Read more at : http://pria.org/index.php/blogs/pria-blog/item/2900-we-are-putting-the-slums-on-the-map


One thought on “We are putting the slums on the map

  1. […] Terra Urban you have read the GPS Mapping by JJEKM and PRIA in B- 5 Bandhu Camp, Vasant Kunj, Delhi https://terraurban.wordpress.com/2014/05/01/we-are-putting-the-slums-on-the-map/. PRIA and partner organisation JJEKM jointly started GPS mapping in South Delhi’s informal […]

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