State Level Consultation on “Status of Urban Poverty and Possible Ways Forward” – Bihar

A state level consultation on “Status of Urban Poverty and Possible Ways Forward” was organized on 18th December 2013 by PRIA at Patna. The Consultation served as a precursor to discussion on the contribution of the urban poor in the city’s economy and deliberate on possible ways to make our cities inclusive, livable and safe. Findings of the PRIA’s study ‘Contribution of Urban Informal Settlement Dwellers to Urban Economy in India’ was also shared in the consultation which helped in drawing attention of people, policy makers and several other stakeholders on ever neglected issues of urban governance and urban development. It also served as a platform to policy makers, civil society, activists, and citizen leaders to share their experiences and insights to the critical issues and challenges of urban poverty and what possible solutions could be derived.

This consultation witnessed an active participation of multiple stakeholders viz. Mr. Shayam Razak Minister (GOB), Mr. Vijoy Prakash Principal Secretary Planning and Development Dept (GOB), Informal Settlement Dwellers and Elected Representatives from Patna, Bodh Gaya and Biharsharif, representatives from various associations and groups of informal sector workers, CSOs, Activists and Media Houses.

Catch the news clipping below:



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