Appreciation courses on Urban Poverty-PRIA

PRIA (Society for Participatory Research In Asia), India and SPARC have designed & launched two new courses : Participatory Enumeration & Mapping and Participatory Urban Planning: Making Cities Inclusive of Urban Poor

Appreciation course on Participatory Enumeration & Mapping  is designed to enable the student to learn about the practical methodology of conducting household surveys with the urban poor and to produce settlement maps where urban poor live.

The Course also provides tools, instruments and protocols used in practical case studies where participatory enumeration and mapping was conducted in different countries.

The course on Participatory Urban Planning: Making Cities Inclusive of Urban Poor

highlights ways to ensure participation of the urban poor and informal workers during planning processes in neighborhoods, wards, zones and city levels such that their needs and aspirations of the are also taken into consideration. It demonstrates how communities find ways to address challenges of ineffective and non-responsive service delivery arising due to lack of capacity, transparency and accountability existing within local governance institutions.

This course is key to understanding how such participatory approaches empower the poor and marginalized citizens and engage civil society in developing plans for making cities inclusive. The approaches hold an assurance of providing universal access to urban services, making this a dream come true for many citizens, particularly the poor and marginalized.

The two courses are both of 10 weeks duration and begin on August 23, 2013. Enroll now! For more details see:


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