Initiatives of Youth for giving an identity to their slum

By Anshu Singh, PRIA-Jaipur

A slum located in the land of Rajasthan State Industrial Development and Investment Corporation (RIICO) lies in the Motidungri Zone of Ward No. 35 within Malviya Nagar Industrial Area of Jaipur. The slum is surrounded by factories all around. In the year 1989 Government of Rajasthan allotted the land to RIICO. RIICO tried to vacate the area of the slum dwellers but due to intense resistance from them it could not be made free. The slum dwellers have ration card and voter card but till date they do not have BPL cards and therefore, could not avail the benefits of welfare schemes of the Government for Urban Poors. 80 families reside in the slum all of whom are BPL. The population of the slum is 375 and has 68 houses. Most of the people are engaged in factories surrounding the slum. They tried getting land rights from JMC and JDA but it could not be given since it was already allotted to RIICO.

When PRIA intervened in the slum and discussed about their problems, only one major problem surfaced which was ‘Land right’. The slum dwellers reported that in absence of land right they felt highly insecure as they may be forced to vacate the land any moment. They cannot purchase land due to their inability to pay the cost. The land right could be given neither by JMC nor it is included under RAY even though it is a recognized slum. With this idea none of the slum dwellers applied for land right in the ‘Prashasan Sehron ke Sang’ camp.

Still, PRIA motivated them to apply for land right so that at least they could show the engagement of that land and to draw the attention of the government towards them since the Government has already ordered the regularization of recognized slums.

PRIA involved the youth to make them aware of the situation so that they get connected with the problem they are facing. When this problem was brought into their notice they were stirred. The situation became grave when their slum could not be seen even on satellite map. They decided to map their slum so that atleast they get some identity. With the help of PRIA they conducted a GPS mapping exercise marking the slum boundary and also taking details of each household in the slum.

Initiative taken by youth group to give an identity to their slum was worth appreciating. The residents and PRIA want to draw the attention of the government towards the slum in RIICO so that they get a place to live in. Since most of the slum dwellers are engaged in RIICO factory, in- situ housing facility could be provided to them from RIICO. The residents of the slum are even ready for rehabilitation provided their livelihoods are taken care of.


Explaining the youth group on using GPS


Marking waypoints and collecting household data

The link below shows the details of the slum:

Link: <,75.824356&spn=0.001433,0.002411&z=19&lci=com.panoramio.all>


One thought on “Initiatives of Youth for giving an identity to their slum

  1. praneetaa June 11, 2013 at 5:12 am Reply

    Really appreciable! When a marginallized raises voice, then changes occur.

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