11th PASCAL International Observatory Conference in Hong Kong, 18-20 November 2013

In the spirit of learning partnerships, the European Union Centre at RMIT is organising a conference in conjunction with PASCAL and in partnership with the host, Hong Kong Institute of Education, and with CITYNET,  the Society for Participatory Research in Action (PRIA), the Hong Kong United Nations Education and Vocational Training  Centre (UNEVOC), the Asia Pacific Universities Community Engagement Network (APUCEN), the Asia South Pacific Association for Basic and Adult Education (ASPBAE) and the East Asian Forum for Adult Education (EAFAE) towards present and future action, mainly within local neighbourhoods in big cities, to build green, safe, healthy, communities which are economically viable and sustainable.

Conference Theme:

Cities Learning Together – Local Communities in the Sustainable and Healthy Learning City

  • Can integrated effort and partnership within and between sectors, organisations and urban centres lead to a viable and sustainable future for the urban majority who now inhabit the planet?
  • How can city administrations, voluntary bodies, business and universities work together to overcome the multiple crises facing us and develop healthy cities that can survive and self-improve?
  • Does city learning really matter? How do cities really learn?  How can we create learning spaces and processes that encourage people to learn and plan consciously as groups linking up with other learner-actors across all sectors and institutions in the city?  How and where does devolution really work? How can local responsibility and wisdom be engaged to meet global and national ecological and economic priorities? How is high-level intent translated into practical action?
  • What is the role of local communities and neighbourhoods in addressing the big issues confronting cities?

It will explore tensions, connections and syntheses between:

  • Central policies and administration, and local, collaborative action, involving public, private, academic and civil society sectors;
  • Economic growth and balanced social development;
  • Short-cycle problem-solving and long-term action to contain and reduce global warming as aspirations and economic activity in the non-OECD world continue to outstrip those of the old West.

The success of the conference will be measured by the growth in instances of cities engaging to learn from each other in pursuit of resolving key challenges.

For more details see: http://conference.pascalobservatory.org/


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