Voice of the urban poor – Chhapra


The urban poor community of Chhapra recently experienced a new strategy to raise their voice and defend their rights: the 10thof April 2013, slum-dwellers from ten localities had a public meeting directly on the pavement, in front one of the most emblematic landmarks of the city, ‘Municipal Chowk’. Meant to raise the attention of the media and other city-dwellers, this public event also presented them an occasion to submit a memorandum to the Chhapra Municipal Council and DM’s Office. The memorandum comprised a list of seven official demands aiming to fulfil the entitlements of slum-dwellers. Demands for the delivery of BPL cards, widow pensions, and proper water distribution were for instance formulated.

Even though it is too early to declare this operation as successful – the municipality has shown a positive response and has assured to extend all possible support to address the issues, as soon as possible.

Read the clipping below:



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  1. […] The event was first of its kind, a new strategy to raise their voice and defend their rights. (Voice of the urban poor – Chhapra). Below are more updates on this […]

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