Addressing the Problems of Slum Dwellers

Shared by Suman Bhanoo, PRIA

As per UN-Habitat 2003, more than 900 million persons can be classified as slum dwellers, maximum surviving under life and health threating conditions. Issues associated with the concept of urban poverty are complex, complicated, unaddressed and largely unacknowledged. No doubt government has many lucrative schemes for the betterment of urban poor but still slum dwellers face many difficulties in availing all these schemes. In this regard, PRIA had a discussion with Mr. Pratap Khachariawas, MLA and brought into light in spite of all available documents slum residents face huge problem in availing pension and other government’s schemes. Mr. Khachriawas raised the question in Vidhan Sabha regarding removing all criteria for availing pension for old age, widow and disabled. It is an effective effort in making their voice heard in the corridors of power. The paper clipping of the point raised in Vidhan Sabha by Mr. Khachariawas is attached herewith. 



One thought on “Addressing the Problems of Slum Dwellers

  1. […] do not have a family member above 25 years is still valid in the state. As you read in the article Addressing the Problems of Slum Dwellers Mr. Pratap Singh Khachariawas further raised the demand of the community in the Vidhan […]

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