Hoping against hope- BSUP/JNNURM a failed promise!

On TerraUrban (Kya Hua Tera Wada, Pro-poor governing climate ) you read about the only ‘in-situ’ slum upgradation project initiated by Raipur Municipal Corporation which still hasn’t resulted in any provision of housing for the displaced.

Read the recent article by Jyotindra Prasad traces the plight of 5000 residents of Telibandha locality in Raipur who have been uprooted from their homes about 20 months ago. These residents were promised a temporary abode till the up gradation work was to be initiated in their locality. Only 800 of these residents who originally inhabit the area around the Telibandha pond where temporarily settled in Boriakala which is 16km away from Raipur with an assurance that they will be back to the original place in a year. However construction work at Telibandha has not even began!

The situation for the 800 who were resettled is as traumatic as those who were left in lurch! RMC has stopped the services of buses, doctors, anganbadi school from this resettled area. Electricity is being charged for which the slum dwellers are unable to pay for therefore that shall also be soon cut. The slum dwellers are complaining that they have found that their names have now been excluded from the voters list and were not even counted in 2011 census.

For all this RMC quickly puts the blame on procedural issues of tenders and contractors! This is the plight of our poor under a pioneering centrally sponsored scheme of JNNURM!! What hope do we have now from the second phase of JNNURM or the complete slum eradication under Rajiv Awas Yojana



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5 thoughts on “Hoping against hope- BSUP/JNNURM a failed promise!

  1. Anonymous January 26, 2013 at 8:15 pm Reply

    Chattisgarh is a state which contribute to the 15% of country’s steel & electricity production.But,It lack far behind in terms of living standards as compared to other states.The state is rich in terms of natural resources but it has been left behind in process of urbanisation.
    It is one of the state which has been hardly hit by Naxalism.In my opinion,Juggling withe life of poor people add to the misery.i think government will keep on running “The operation Green Hunt”.
    This is not only the case of Raipur ,the city like Meerut which was part of the ancient Harappan settlement renowned for its sophisticated drainage systems, was promised a decent sewerage system under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewable Mission (JNNURM) as late as 2005 supposed to be commissioned in 2012.-has grounded to halt.
    Many of times in the name of urban renewal mission we loose our heritage.

  2. Avinash April 18, 2013 at 12:41 am Reply

    Same thing is happening in my district muzaffarpur also..nice post thanks a lot for this

  3. Bhupendra Singh May 20, 2013 at 7:14 am Reply

    Verify the data. the story is misleading. i have constantly following the BSUP project in raipur. Only 946 Families were Displaced from Telibhanda to Boriyakala site. Now they are 1100 something.

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