Voice for the urban poor and their right to basic services – Patna

To raise a voice for the urban poor is a continuous process and PRIA is undertaking that process! A state level consultation was held in Patna, Bihar earlier this month with participants from civil society, government officials, formulated slum improvement committees and media professional. On 8 the December, the local paper – Jagran covered main points of this consultation. It encapsulated how PRIA professionals – Mr. Manoj Rai and Amitabh Bhushan highlighted the present status of pro-poor policies in the State of Bihar. In Bihar a slum a slum policy was developed last year but has not seen the light of the day in its implementation. At present the Centre is formulating a slum policy and has launched many flagship projects but still is unable to provide for basic services to the urban poor. More often than not these programmes and policies get limited only to paper. PRIA had undertaken a slum profiling earlier this year and shared that the State has declared 1849 slums in Bihar and by findings of PRIA 139 of those are in Patna city. It is important that elected representative, government officials realise the on ground realities of these slum settlements and actually visit the same or else the unfortunate scenario where the slum habitation precedes any infrastructure development shall continue in our cities that shall further reduce the quality of life that the citizens deserve. 



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