Encouraging participation of slum dwellers in Nagar Swaraj Abhiyan-Raipur

PRIA in 10 slums of Raipur has initiated ‘Slum Improvement Committee‘ that represent each of these slums and comprises at least 6 representatives from that slum itself. The committees are being encouraged and provided necessary hand holding such that the representatives can initiate a positive dialogue with the governing bodies regarding various issues affecting their slum community.

One such effort is being made in encouraging participation in the Nagar Swaraj Abhiyan Campaign being run by the State Government of Chhattisgarh in Raipur and other cities.In this campaign, camps are organized by the government official in every ward of the city on the determined dates and asking for the applications regarding the problems and demands of the common people.

Slum committees that have been initiated in 10 slums of Raipur  are playing active role in availing the requisite benefits of this campaign and have also submitted an application in the Nagar Swaraj Abhiyan. Such efforts that encourage participation of the community in government schemes is a positive sign and a much needed effort. Most often than not, slum dwellers are either uninformed about their rights or get misguided. This for certain results in conflicts both for the community and the governing bodies too. For any scheme to be successful – participation of the community is utmost essential.

Find the news clipping of the same below:




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