Tangles of undelivered JNNURM housing – Shimla

Shared by Anshuman Carol, PRIA

Municipal Corporations under JNNURM are to provide for social housing for the poor, but most often than not we are seeing examples of incapability of the local governments to provide for the same. Reasons are many such as not enough financial capability, not enough technical know-how, not enough hand holding provided by the central government to ULBs to undertake these projects, inefficient and non-participatory methods adopted by ULBs etc.

Municipal Corporation of Shimla is in a similar situation wherein it is being unable to provide the promised number of housing units to the urban poor. Due to cost escalation over the years the corporation no longer has the financial capability to build all the units. The options left for the Corporation is either to obtain the escalated amount from the beneficiaries or reduce the number of units. Either of the two options result in the urban poor being much more ‘victimised’ than they already are. The third option that Corporation might explore is taking support from State or Central Government.

Punjab Kesari of 3.11.2012 covered this news: 



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