Slum Welfare Committee- PRIA’s initiative in Raipur

PRIA has taken initiative in Raipur and Bilaspur to RAY cities of Chhattisgarh to Mobilize the slum dwellers to get collectivize and raise their voices for getting benefits of all the services and schemes for which they are entitled and intervened into 10 slums of Raipur named as Shakti Nagar, Tarun Nagar, Kashiram Nagar, Chandrashekhar Nagar, Durga Nagar, Gandhi Nagar of Kalimata Ward, Gandhi Nagar of Shankar Nagar Ward, Indrabhata-Kushta Basti, Parwati Nagar and Ganesh Nagar along with the partners Chetna Child and women welfare society . PRIA and the field staff made regular visit to this slums, conducted preliminary meetings in all these slums and discussed about the existing issues of the slums, motivated them to get organized to express their voices and demands based on their needs. In this initiative PRIA is sensitizing the slum dwellers towards power of being organized in any form may be in the form of Slum Improvement Committee and empowering this  committees with the knowledge of various schemes.

Find below the initial step of organising slum welfare committee in Raipur:




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