Bangalore-Government sites out of reach for EWS

 The state government has allotted less than seven per cent of the sites to be issued under housing schemes formulated to help the economically weaker sections. According to the data obtained by Express, in 2011-12 report, the state had planned to distribute 2 lakh sites (1.5 lakh in rural and 0.5 lakh in urban). During 2011-12, the state government had issued 12,402 housing sites, which is six per cent of the target. However, unlike the original plan of distributing 2 lakh sites every year, a total of 2.25 lakh sites have been allotted in the last 18 years.

Under Basava Vasathi Yojane, Indira Awaas Yojana and Ambedkar Awas Yojana, the dwelling sites are distributed free of cost to poor families, which do not own sites both in urban and rural areas. However, the annual income of the beneficiary need to be less than `32,000. A land measuring 600 sq ft in urban area and 1,200 sq ft in rural area need to be given to the beneficiaries.



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