5 Billion Rupees Land in prime location –‘Freed’

Shared by: Mahesh Dhandole, PRIA-Raipur

Source: Dainik Bhaskar

Slums on 50 Acre Land of Prime location will get flat by December!

Municipal Corporation has identified more than 35 such slums that shall be rehabilitated and will ‘free’ the city from its slums. The land occupied by slums costs close to the market price of Rs. 500 crore. The Government will get nearly 50 acre land in prime location of the city in this campaign. After biometric identification slum dwellers will be shifted in multi-storey flats are being under BSUP Scheme.

All matter depends on Municipal Corporation who is handling this entire campaign. If the initiative I gets into complication such as that in Telibandha Project – then the rehabilitation might face a  problem. Although the way the administration has forcefully shifted occupants that lived for years on the canal along with IAC Colony in Amrit Homes at Amledhi, expected removal of the remaining slum dwellers will not be much trouble.

Under BSUP corporation has completed more than 5000 houses. Planning is under way to shift 35 slums situated in city’s prime location in these houses. After shifting of these 35 Slums Corporation will get valuable land worth of crores. This land will be used for schemes beside public services.

The following slums are imagined to be shifted:



Dewar Basti 40
Khalbada 520
Jyotiba Nagar 250
Adarsh Nagar 150
Bhagat Nagar 150
Banjar Para 250
Saddu 30
Daldal Sivni 20
Tulsi Nagar 5
Shiv Nagar 5
Shivahji Nagar 15
Rajiv Gandhi Nagar 350
Indrawati colony se Rajeev Nagar 245
Civil Lines Dewra Basti 30
Siddharth chowk 307
Banstal 57
Hiranagar 79
Bharatnagar 145
Gurumukh Singh Nagar 128
Kari Talab 135
Krishna Nagar 276
Sweeper Colony 126
Amitnagar 280
Sumit Nagar 120
Ishwar Nagar 250
Arjun Nagar 90
Uchla Talab 110
Rakhi Nagar 210
Nutan Rice Mill ke pas 25
Sondongri Awadhiyapara 150
Mahant Talab 200
Shivaji Nagar 200
Bhatpara 300
Kalingnagar 400























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