Candidates to provide details of election Expenses: Bihar

By Swati Sharma, Programme Officer, PRIA

Terra Urban recently traced the miss-haps of the Delhi Municipal Elections. Now, Bihar is on the roll with elections being held  on 17 May. PRIA is doing all the efforts to make this a just election and is encouraging voter’s awareness regarding various issues through the Pre Elections Voters Awareness Campaign in Bihar.

A positive initiative was observed in Bihar at the local level wherein election observers are making a point to make the contestants adhere to the code of conduct.

The following is the translated excerpt from Dainik Bhaskar

Candidates to provide details of election Expenses: Election Observer

Dainik Jaagran: May 04, 2012

Gopalganj Desk

Gopalganj Office Correspondent: On Thursday, i.e. May 03, 2012, the two election observers appointed for Municipal Elections had a meeting with the electoral officers. In the meeting the election observer of Gopalganj and Brauli municipalities, Mr. Vijay Ranjan reviewed the progress of the election process and asked the candidates to provide details of expenses incurred on election so far. He stated that any candidate who does not provide details of the expenses incurred will be disqualified from contesting election for next three years. He also shared that even if any candidate is not following the election procedure seriously, or is not spending anything except the nomination fee, even in that case the candidates are supposed to provide the details of expenditure incurred. He also conducted a meeting with the candidates of Brauli Nagar Parishad.

 The election observer of Mirganj and Kateya, Mr. Kamruzama also conducted a meeting with the contesting candidates and directed them about the election procedure and filing of expenses incurred. He also visited many polling centers and reviewed the preparations.  


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