Slum – to be or not to be!

By: Deepika Pandey, Assistant Prgramme Officer -PRIA

In the year of 2005-2006 Raipur, Municipal Corporation had enlisted the various slums in its jurisdiction, their population and locations under JNNURM. According to that list, the total number of slums in Raipur was 282.Thereafter, as result of the implementation of various central and state sponsored schemes many these slums have shifted, demolished and rehabilitated. However, the list was neither changed nor revised by the municipality.

 PRIA in February 2012 has taken initiative to enlist the slums of Raipur, understand their typology and vulnerability in the present urban context, and also to facilitate a movement of strengthening the spirit of community participation and voice against urban poverty.  

The article below is a quest of seeking answers to the changing realities and conditions in what municipality calls a ‘slum’. The article is a memoir of Puraina slum in Raipur City.

(click on the image below to enlarge it on your screen)



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