State Consultation- Raipur

State Consultation- Raipur

Society for Participatory Research In Asia (PRIA) and Society for the Promotion of Area Resource Centre (SPARC) have come together to initiate  effort based on the experiences that each has had in addressing the issues of urban poverty. PRIA has promoted the participation of the poor in designing and implementing their own development for the past three decades, and worked with local governments to support such initiatives by bringing about accountability and reforms in governance. SPARC has worked as an alliance for 27 years with National Slum Dwellers Federation and Mahila Milan to evolve a set of rituals (savings, enumeration, precedent-setting projects) which have been used in creating pilots of housing and sanitation for and by the urban poor.
One of the major inadequacies in taking forward the agenda of inclusion and active participation of the urban poor in these programmes is weak civil society engagement with issues of urban poverty and urban governance. There are just a handful of civil society organizations in the country, which have focused on organizing and mobilizing the urban poor to claim their rights and thereby to secure active participation and ownership of urban development programmes. There is no national network of civil society, or even a sub- sectorial coalition, that focuses on these issues on a sustained basis. This became evident from the first national consultation of civil society actors convened by PRIA in January 2010. As a result, demand for inclusive and poor-driven urban development (housing, sanitation, livelihoods, etc.) at the city, state or national levels has not sustained to influence public policies and programming in this sector.
Therefore, civil society needs to articulate its voice in ensuring that the urban poor are not only included but drive the implementation of RAY. A strong civil society engagement would be crucial at city level (micro), and at the state government level (macro).The first national consultation around this theme was organized in New Delhi in August 2011. This workshop, therefore, is both an effort to shape the civil society debate within and also to engage with key policy making institutions and actors in shaping the policies and programs from citizen’s perspective. It intends to bring civil society organizations and broad spectrum of civil society actors—organizations of the urban poor, local NGOs, research institutions, media and other coalitions, policy makers, urban planners, researchers etc. discuss ways in which government programs can be influenced in a positive manner.
A State Level Workshop was Organised in Raipur- Chhatisgarh from 14 -16 November 2011, at Hotel Aditya, Jaistambh Chowk, Raipur to ensure supportive strategies and tactics for enhancing community participation and ascertaining people participation by empowering the stakeholders by the knowledge about RAY and its guidelines.
For futher details please be free to see the following link

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